constructon seminars International

Training to Develop the Management Skills &
Teamwork Needed for Successful Project Delivery

Although problems, disputes, conflicts and cost overruns are common to construction and development projects, there are key elements common to successful construction projects. Construction Seminars International works with owners, contractors, designers, suppliers, associations, organizations and other construction professionals to provide the education and training needed to develop, enhance and improve the management skills needed for the successful delivery and completion of construction projects.

In addition, Construction Seminars International provides support services and training for project set-up, assistance with alternative methods of project delivery, team building or enhancement of owner-contractor-designer relationships and for the resolution of project conflicts or for implementing alternative dispute settlement options.

     1. General Training with Seminars, Workshops & Webinars

     2. Design-Build Project Set-up & Project Implementation
     3. Alternative Project Delivery, Setup & Funding Options
     4. Team Building for Project Enhancement & Success
     5. Conflict Resolution & Dispute Settlement Options

     Example Presentation from a Training Seminar