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                   Conflict & Dispute Resolution

Problems and conflicts are present in any relationship and are common in the construction industry. Dispute free construction/development projects are usually setup with effective tools and processes to resolve these problems and conflicts. Any project, organization or relationship will have problems and conflicts – the key for success is the ability to recognize, define and resolve any problems or conflicts.

Construction Seminars works with owners, contractors, designers, associations, organizations, suppliers and others involved in construction to provide solution-based tools and training, focused on resolving issues rather than "Celebrating" them.

Our goal is to provide you with training and knowledge to improve your project management skills, administration techniques, increase profitability and provide creative alternatives to avoid or resolve construction, design and project problems or disputes.

    Example Presentation - Avoiding Conflicts with Effective Communication

Conflict & Dispute Resolution Training Topics Include:

Facilitation of the Formal Partnering Process Workshop

Conflict Resolution of Potential Disputes Workshop

Mediation and Intervention of Active Disputes Workshop

Practical Guidelines for Dispute Free Construction Projects
• A Project Killer - Incomplete Drawings & Specifications
• Don’t Burn Your Bridges - Effective Communications
• Early Resolution of Changes – A Key to Avoiding Disputes
• It’s Better to be Wrong than Right
• Keys to Working with an Owner on Project Changes
• Making The Best Out of A Bad Situation
• Minimizing Impacts with Alternate Contracting Methods
• Negotiating a Court Free Settlement
• Partnering to Avoid Conflicts
• Plan & Schedule Your Work to Avoid Conflicts
• Recognizing a Problem Before it Becomes One
• Simple Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts
• Steps to Prevent Disputes Between General & Sub Contractors
• Un-located Utilities – Disruption Nightmares
• Work Together on Changes, Delays & Disruptions

Recognize a Problem Project Before it Becomes One & What to do if You have One
• The Builder’s Perspective
• What to Look for – The Major Flags
• The Subcontractor’s Perspective
• Don’t be Part of the Problem - Be a Facilitator, Not an Agitator
• The Contract – Are we all Reading the Same Book?
• Working with The Surety when a Project Turns Bad
• Eight Strategies for Key Project Stakeholders
• Simple Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts
• Coordinating with Public Utilities
• Measurements to Show Project Impacts
• Minimize Problems - Alternate Contracting Methods
• Recovering Equipment Costs with the Rental Rate Blue Book®
• Innovative Equipment Designs to Reduce Problems
• Thrifty Litigation – Is it Possible?
• Who is Responsible by the Contract?
• Avoiding Disputes - The Designers, Contractor’s & Owner’s Perspective

• Examples of Scheduling Problems
• Connecting The Budget to a Schedule
• Setting up a Schedule – Simplified Project Examples
• Using Software on a Project – Specific Overview and Examples
• Avoiding Scheduling Problems – Schedule Levels
• Software Options & Selection – Keep It simple