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                       Contractor Topics & Training

With the demand for improved project delivery options and more competitive markets, contractors need to consider other options for pricing work; to consider new methods of construction and for alternative methods of project delivery.

Construction Seminars provides specialized training for Contractors that includes:

    • Pursuing Alternative Project Delivery Options
    • Innovative Project Set-up Options & Alternatives
    • Developing Alternative Construction Partnerships
    • Providing Creative Construction Approaches & Methods
    • Relevant Tools for Team Building & Project Enhancement
    • Customized Training for a Contractor's Specialized Skills

    • Presentation-Training Example


Contractor Training Topics Include:

How to Grow & Expand Your Construction Company Workshop
• Building Clients Through Performance - Selecting & Holding onto the Right Clients
• Understanding Your Clients Goals & Needs - Improving Cash Flow & Receivables
• Strengthening Your Bonding & Credit - Banking & Bonding - Do’s and Don'ts
• How to Preserve Your Company’s Wealth – Asset Protection
• Fiduciary Responsibility and Liability in Retirement Plans
• Controlling Risk & Insurance Costs
• How to Strengthen Your Bonding
• Labor Liabilities – A Hot Potato

How to Manage Disputes & Project Risk
• Claims and Unpaid Change Orders - What you need to know about Scheduling
• Dispute Resolution Without Conflict - Practical Tools for Recognizing Risk
• Understanding Contracts and Killer Terms - Managing Project Changes

• Reduce Employment Risks - Behavioral Screening
• Self Insurance and other Risk Management Options
• The Forgotten Bid Item - Time, Cost, and Quality Risks
• Thrifty Litigation – Is it Possible?
• Tracking your $$$ - Simplified Cost & Record Keeping

Plan & Schedule
• Understanding & Proving Cost Impacts on Construction Changes
• Effectively Avoiding Conflicts on Project Changes
• Entitlement from a Contract – Damages from Delay
• Indirect Delay Impact – Recovering Your G & A
• Job Impacts – The Subcontractor’s Perspective
• Keys to Working with an Owner on Project Delays
• Planning & Scheduling Your Work to Avoid Conflicts
• Quantum – Determining your True Cost Impact
• Settlement of Changes without Attorneys
• The Measured Mile to Quantify Cost Impacts
• The Practical Side of Delay Claims
• Who is Responsible by the Contract?

Enhancing Production & Performance
• Estimating & Field Management Software to Control Costs
• Innovative Equipment Designs to Maximize Productivity
• Keys to Controlling Your Claims, Liabilities & Losses
• Monitoring Project Metrics for Success
• Partnering to Optimize Project Success
• Understanding the Rental Rate Blue Book® & Custom Cost Evaluator™