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Designer Topics & Training

Paradigms related to designing projects, that have been established over the past fifty years are, and have, changed. The designer is still the key catalyst for delivery of a successful project. However the methods for providing and delivering the design to the owner and contractor have changed – creating both an opportunity to affect the project delivery and outcome.

Construction Seminars provides specialized training for Designers that includes:
    1. Considering Alternative Project Delivery Options
    2. Utilizing Innovative Project Design Alternatives
    3. Developing Opportunities for Design Partnerships
    4. Providing Creative Design approaches & Options
    5. Tools for Team Building & Project Enhancement
    6. Customized Training to meet a Designer's Skills

       Example Seminar Training Presentation - Scheduling to Avoid Surprises

Designer Training Topics Include:

Computer Design in 3 D - Building Models for Construction
• Building Models - Prototype 3D Scale Models of Your Designs
• Stabilizing Computers for reliability - Dependable Super Computers
• Architecture Design Software - Built for building information modeling (BIM)
• Mechanical, electrical, & plumbing (MEP) - Structural coordination from architectural files
• 5D Virtual Construction for "Constructability" (Adding Costs & Schedule to a 3D Design
• Site & Civil Design Corridor Modeling + Numerous Design Examples

BIM (Building Information Models)
• Introducing: Graphisoft MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Modeler
• Coordinate building projects with more predictable results - reduce time, waste and cost overruns
• 3D Design and Computer Options - run CAD and BIM design software to its fullest potential
• Constructor 5D – Design + Schedule + Cost - Building Project Example
• Earthwork/Utility Software - Civil 3D - Road / Earthwork Example

• ArchiCAD 12 Design Examples Applied to BIM
• Commercial & Multi-Family Design Examples

Planning Your Work
• Maximize Profits & Performance + Reduce Risks & Liabilities
• CSI’s New 2004 Format (updated from 16 to 40 Divisions)
• Estimating & Field Management Software to Control Costs
• Tracking your $$$ - Simplified Cost & Record Keeping
• The Forgotten Bid Item - Time, Cost, and Quality Risks
• Reduce Employment Risks - Behavioral Screening
• Partnering to Optimize Project Success
• Monitoring Project Metrics for Success
• Enhancing Production & Performance