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                           Seminars & Workshops

Construction Seminars International, LLC provides training by working jointly with owners, contractors, designers, associations, organizations, suppliers and companies involved in construction and development to provide educational, training, partnering and networking opportunities. Dispute free and successful construction or development projects have effective tools to resolve problems and conflicts. Any project, organization or relationship will have problems and conflicts – the key for success is the ability to recognize, define and resolve any problems or conflicts.

Our goal is to network with other professionals and provide you with the training and knowledge needed to improve your project management skills, administration techniques, increase your profitability and provide creative alternatives to avoid or resolve construction, design and project problems or disputes.

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Learn From the Experience of Other Construction Professionals

    • First Hand Knowledge of Resolving Construction Disputes or Problems
    • Their Insights and Recommendations to Improve Construction Projects
    • Bottom Line Advice & Recommendations on Minimizing Exposure & Liability
    • Receive input on various topics in a short time and not cut into your work day
    • Their Knowledge of Changes in Construction Law & Regulations

You can obtain this training, information and knowledge in four different formats:

1. Seminars: A series of short (1-1/2 to 3 hours) Breakfast, Luncheon or "End of the Day" Seminars are offered to owners, contractors, designers, suppliers and other construction professionals to, access the experience of others at a fraction of the cost of traditional seminars. These short, condensed seminars are aimed at improving your project management skills, administration techniques, improve profitability and provide creative alternatives to avoid or resolve construction or project disputes. The seminar cost is about $20.00 to $40.00 per attendee plus any food, snack or facility costs. The food cost can be $7.00 to $12.00 per person. Seminar size will vary from 25 to 300 attendees. Seminars may be broken into a series of daily or weekly events.

2. Workshops: Workshops are for more in-depth training and cover numerous topics related to project delivery methods, project planning, facility planning, team building, design, construction, development, scheduling, estimating, inspection, risk evaluation, dispute resolution, project funding and other aspects of construction. Workshops are setup for 25 to 75 participants and cost about $98 to $148 - depending on the location, topic, workshop goals and number of attendees. Workshops run about 3-1/2 to 5 hours. Workshops may be broken into a series of monthly events.

3. Custom Training: Training programs are also custom developed and designed for improving an organization's operation and operational problems, failed systems idiosyncrasies and operational problems. The first step in resolving a problem or finding a solution is to define the problem. Some organizations know there is a problem, but are focused on the symptoms of the problem instead of the root cause. We have the ability to not only address an organizations concerns, but separate the symptoms of a problem from the problem itself. We can then address on-going problems, conflicts, disputes, internal friction and discord by providing solutions that are real, relevant and address an organizations (or project's) root problems, causes or operational issues. Training and team building is then custom designed to fit within the project's or organization's goals and operational parameters.

4. Webinars or On-line Training: Workshops or seminars are also available in an on-line or webinar format so they can be viewed at remote locations and at anytime.. They are setup and custom designed for a company's specific needs. Custom workshops may be scheduled for a longer duration or broken into a series of daily, weekly or monthly training events. Costs for a Custom Training Webinar vary with the speakers, topic and format - depending on your specific needs, requests and goals. Our goal is to produce a series of 20-minute Webinar units to cover an individual topic. Webinars are convenient since they may be viewed repeatedly and used for an organization's on-going training program. We normally recommend training for all members of a company or organization to take full advantage of the Webinar presentations.